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About us

We have been supplying new and used printing equipment and related services for almost 30 years. We work hard with a close team of specialists to help you get the most out of information flows. For this we use our knowledge and experience, equipment, new or used, apps and smart software solutions. Our own technical service provides the service and ensures perfectly performing equipment.

By reusing materials and raw materials, we contribute to the circular economy.

With a background at Xerox, we mainly supply Xerox equipment. We can also supply other brands such as Ricoh, Minolta and HP.
We have been a valued partner to Xerox for the new equipment for many years.

We are fully autonomous and can therefore focus on what really is the best solution for you!


We are at the heart of society and social involvement is important to us.

We regularly support startups with making equipment available free of charge. If you would like to qualify for this, please contact us.

We have been supporting various projects and events for years with equipment, services and financial contributions.

The projects we support warmly include:

Liberation doll Haarlem

Weesper Toddler Classes Foundation

F.C. Weesp

Food bank Deventer e.o.

Mixed Hockey Club Weesp

Around Pampus

Red Cross

Heart Foundation

Orange Association Nigtevecht

Gentleman farmers Weesp