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Xerox Managed Print Services

Managed print services takes care of all the aspects of your multifunctional and printer park, regardless of the brand. We optimize your print process and make sure you have access to the most efficient and affordable solutions. On average managed print services saves up to 30 percent in costs, and is available for any company size.

Proactive service

Experienced support employees monitor your devices proactively and if you wish take action to ensure the availability of your devices. Reports detailing the realized performance of your printer park can be delivered on schedule. On set periods, the performance of your machines will be discussed, and if needed adjustments can be made..

Optimize with managed print services

Outsource the management of your printer park and get most out of your machines. Make an appointment and we will analyze your printing environment and give advice on maximizing efficiency. We always first look at the existing devices and how to best use them. Sometimes less printers are needed to do the same amount of work. With managed print services the support process around your printers is optimized, wasting less time. With our proactive service we ensure you have no worries about your printers, and at the same time realize cost savings.